Prana 0.4 Released!

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I’m proud to announce that Prana 0.4 has been released.

Some of the key features and updates:

  • major update to the core IoC container
  • support for PureMVC
  • several bugfixes and minor improvements

General info:
Download: SourceForge Download Page

Changes in version 0.4 (26.01.2008)

* introduction of PureMVC support
* added PureMVC sample application
* nightly builds available at
* fixed config.xsl to ignore _svn folders

Package org.pranaframework.cairngorm
* fixed early dispatching of events in EventSequence

Package org.pranaframework.collections
* added “remove” method to IMap and Map
* changed “size” and “values” methods to getters
* Map now extends Dictionary instead of Proxy

Package org.pranaframework.config
* AppSettings now extends Proxy instead of Map

Package org.pranaframework.ioc
* added check for valid IList before creating cursor
* added “isLazyInit” and “initMethod” properties to IObjectDefinition and ObjectDefinition
* added support for init method in ObjectContainer
* added “removeObjectFromInternalCache” method
* enhancements to “getObject”
* added post processing capabilities to ObjectContainer

Package org.pranaframework.ioc.factory
* added IObjectContainerAware

Package org.pranaframework.ioc.factory.config
* added ObjectContainerAwarePostProcessor
* added LoggingTargetFactoryObject

Package org.pranaframework.ioc.parser
* added support for lazy init and init method in XmlObjectDefinitionsParser
* fixed “parseProperties” because of Map refactoring, keys were not strings in XmlObjectDefinitionsParser

Package org.pranaframework.puremvc
* initial release

Package org.pranaframework.utils
* added Parse port from the Fit framework
* added HtmlUtils utility methods for working with html
* added “isExplicitInstanceOf” method to ObjectUtils

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5 Responses to “Prana 0.4 Released!”

  1. valley Says:

    Hi Christophe,
    nice work! I surely will use Prana in future projects.
    Now I’m looking for a Properties loader mechanism, i.e.
    loading key/value pairs from a .properties file.
    What do you think: Is Prana also a (good) solution for this kind of configuration, i.e. where i just load all properties into a class (but without specific setter methods for each line) and then let the application go through the loaded properties and decide what methods/actions to call ?
    I hope you understand what i mean.
    I need something similar to Java’s Properties class:


  2. Christophe Says:

    Hi valley,

    I added a first implementation of Properties in org.pranaframework.collections. You can load in external files via myProperties.load(url). The IoC container does not take into account property files, but that will be next step.

    The code is in SVN. Let me know if this suits your needs.

  3. valley Says:

    Hi Christophe,
    ok fine, i’ll check this, thank you.
    Meanwhile i’ve found your class AppSettings (, which is also a good alternative for me.

  4. Diego Volpe Says:

    Have you consider updating PureMVC dependencies to a newer version (2.0.3)?
    Looking at the code it seems to require some minor changes because the way that Proxys and Mediators are registered, but i think it’s worth it.
    You’ve made an excellent work on Prana.
    Best regards.

  5. Christophe Says:

    Hi Diego,

    the latest SVN version contains modifications for PureMVC 2.0.3. Please check it out.


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