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I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2 and changed the theme of the blog. If it looks weird in your browser please let me know so I can change it.

2006 Here’s a Christmas card for all you guys. The little fellow is Thomas my 11 month old son. The text is in Dutch but you’ll get the meaning.


I hope the coming year will be as good as 2005. A lot has happened and I can only say it was awesome. Getting married and becoming a dad were the most remarkable events in my personal life. On the job I had the chance to be working on a pretty large e-learning project which is completely build in Flash. I’ve had tons of fun playing around with some the new OSFlash projects and enjoyed contributing wherever possible.

My resolutions for the new year (and thinking out loud):

  • read more non-tech books: I’ve been reading the Da Vinci code by Dan Brown and I love it. I should read more of this stuff. What about reading one for every tech book I read? If anyone has some interesting titles, please leave them in the comments.
  • go back to the gym: no comment
  • finish what I start: ok, I’m just terrible at this point. I have so much things I want to do and I have so little time. The result is that I tend to leave stuff in a 80%-90% state and I never manage to finish them.
  • pick up the guitar more often: …and play some Megadeth and Dream Theater tunes. I bought myself one of those PodXT amps to play at home and it is very cool. Just connect it to your pc through USB and you’re done. Now turn the volume to 11 and “metal up your ass”.
  • decide wheter to learn ASP.NET or not: I just can’t decide…

Have fun celebrating the new year. Don’t drink and drive ! See you in the blogosphere in 2006…

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  1. Flasher Says:

    Happy New Year

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