Multi-Mania: Serge Jespers & Marc Meewis

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Note: These are some notes from the Multi-Mania 2007 conference. I wrote them down while watching the sessions so there might be some typos and the sentences may be in telegram style.

Flex 2

Waldo Smeets is not here so Serge and Wim are filling in for him. Shows the Flex component kit for Flash CS3. Creates a tween and exports it as a Flex Component. A swc “UIMovieClip” is added to the library. After publishing, a swc is created of the tween movieclip. Now creates a new Flex project. Adds the swc to the build path in the flex project properties. The tween swc can now be added in mxml . A local namespace is created to define the custom objects.

Now creates a more advanced movieclip in flash with some AS3 on it. Again exports it to a swc and adds it to a Flex application.

Now hands over the mic to Marc Meewis, Sales Engineer at Adobe. Will talk about Flex Data Services or Livecycle Data Services as it is called now. Talks about where we are today, from mainframe to Client/Server to Web Applications to Rich Internet Applications. Demos the FlexStore application: a perfect example of a Bitch errrr Rich Internet Application.

Shows how you can copy data from a flex datagrid and paste it in to an excell sheet and vice versa. Ow yeah!

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